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Let me begin by saying this: DAY OF COORDINATION DOES NOT EXSIST!!!!!!

It takes more than a day to coordinate an event. Sorry but there is soooo much that goes into Wedding Coordination.

Here are just some of what a Wedding Manager / Coordinator does:

In the weeks leading up to the wedding day, a wedding coordinator can tackle several important tasks:

• Organize RSVPs and meal requests from the guest list

• Assist in creating the seating chart (if the couple asks)

• Confirm vendor contracts so that there are no last-minute surprises

• Provide a set-up timeline so that all vendors know when to arrive at the wedding venue

• Create a photography timeline with a list of any specific images you want to capture with your photographer

• Create a day-of timeline with the couple

• Arrange and organize tips for all vendors, including the officiant, DJ, bartenders, and venue waitstaff

• Plan who will make the final payments to vendors and when

• Attend and lead the wedding rehearsal so that everyone knows when to walk and where to sit

• Make sure each vendor is following the timeline

• Confirm that all rentals have been delivered and set up on time

• Have an emergency kit on hand that includes all sorts of health, fashion, and beauty essentials (just in case!)

• Keep the wedding on schedule by making sure that the wedding party is getting ready on time

• Provide guidance to the ushers on how and where to seat guests for the wedding ceremony

• Confirm that the place cards and guest book are in place for the reception

• Ensure that wedding party members are in their positions before the wedding processional begins

• Review the names of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party so that the DJ knows how to pronounce them

• Make sure that the DJ sticks to the timeline for wedding reception announcements, such as the cutting of the wedding cake

• Oversee the tear-down process … the happy couple should not have to worry about the clean-up!

• Facilitate the process of moving the wedding gifts (you can do this yourself or recruit a team of trusted friends or relatives to help)

This just touches on our many tasks. Yes, sometimes we can al a carte some services to reduce your costs. But that is not very often. Look at making it a part of your overall budget sooner. You will be so thankful you did.

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